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Extract from the ORAFOL Australia Terms & Conditions of sale. Download the latest full version here: Terms & Conditions of Sale

1. Delivery

1.1 The Delivery Time shall be a time or during a period agreed by ORAFOL Australia and the Customer.

1.2 ORAFOL Australia reserves the right to withdraw an Order Confirmation at any time before the Delivery Time and will not be liable for any loss whatsoever arising from its failure to deliver any or all of the Goods.

1.3 Any term of the Contract relating to the quantity of Goods is not the essence of the Contract. ORAFOL Australia reserves the right to make partial deliveries against an Order and to invoice each partial delivery separately and the Customer cannot reject Goods on the basis of partial delivery.

1.4 Where Goods remain in the possession of ORAFOL Australia after the Delivery Time (including where the Customer fails for whatever reason to take delivery of the Goods), ORAFOL Australia is entitled to charge the Customer for all Loss occasioned by the Customer not accepting delivery together with any costs and Loss in respect of the carriage, care and custody of the Goods.

1.5 Unless otherwise agreed by ORAFOL Australia, all Goods will be delivered to the Delivery Address.

1.6 The Customer must ensure that it or its employees or agents are in attendance at the Delivery Address at the agreed time or agreed period for delivery to accept delivery of the Goods and to acknowledge receipt upon the consignment note or invoice accompanying the Goods.

1.7 ORAFOL Australia may arrange for the storage and carriage of Goods by carriers, contractors or sub-contractors. Notwithstanding any specific instructions given by the Customer as to the mode of carriage of Goods, in the exercise of its absolute discretion ORAFOL Australia may have any Goods carried or forwarded by any method which it deems fit.

1.8 Unless otherwise agreed in writing by ORAFOL Australia from time to time, the cost of freight of Goods from the ORAFOL Australia warehouse shall be paid by the Customer.

1.9 Unless otherwise specified in a quotation, Goods shall be packed in ORAFOL Australia standard packing. The cost of any special packing and packing materials required by the Customer shall be at the Customer's expense.