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ORAFOL Aust Basics

   What is ORAFOL Australia's Privacy and Credit Reporting Policy?
   How do I contact ORAFOL Australia?
   What are your trading hours?
   Where is my nearest ORAFOL Australia?
   What are ORAFOL Australia Terms and Conditions of Sale?


   How can I get a copy of a Credit Note?
   How can I get a copy of an Invoice?
   How do I create a Credit Account?
   How do I update details for a Credit account?
   How can I pay my account or order?
   How do I know that my payment and details are secure on the ORAFOL Australia website?

Product Information

   What brands do ORAFOL Australia sell?
   How do I make an appointment for a demonstration on your products and equipment?
   How do I receive Technical Support for a product?
   Equipment/Hardware Support
   General Product Support
   How do I find out more about the products and services ORAFOL Australia offer?

Ordering & Delivery

   What currency do you transact in?
   How long will it take for my order to be despatched?
   What do I do if my Order does not arrive?
   What do I do if my product arrives damaged or ordered items are missing?
   How do I return a product?
   Do you ship internationally?
   How can I check the status of my order?
   How do I track a delivery?
   How do I place an order?
   What are your freight charges?
   Can I arrange my own courier?
   How are goods shipped?
   Can I collect my order?
   Do you have a minimum order quantity or value?
   How do I match an ORACAL colour?
   How can I confirm the availability of a product?


   How do I find out about current openings with ORAFOL Australia?
   Can I submit my CV to ORAFOL Australia even when there are no current openings?

Web Site

   What services are offered on the ORAFOL Australia Website?
   How do I register to order online?
   How do I recover my User Name or Password?
   How do I change my User Name or Password?
   How do I update my Company information?
   I cannot log in to the secure website?
   Can I give staff different access levels to the ORAFOL Australia website?
   Can I view your website without being a member?
   I am experiencing technical difficulties when using the ORAFOL Australia website.